Although the standard colours on the 15 and 16 models are White hull with a Grey ( BS 00 A 05 ) interior, we can supply boats in any colour. Colours need to be confirmed at time of order, and for non-standard colours, we may ask for a larger deposit with order. The additional cost also depends on what colours are ordered.

The 14 comes standard as Moss Green ( RAL )



We can supply covers made from our own templates to make a snug fit and keeps the interior clean and dry. Covers fitted from new will come complete with three upright stainless steel poles that fit through the thwarts. These are slightly higher than the gunwale height to form a run off so there is no pooling of water in the cover. We can either supply an elastic bungee cord that can looped under low-profile hooks fixed to the outside of the hull so the cover can be fitted whilst the boat is in the water. Or if the cover is to be fitted when the boat is out of the water, ropes that go underneath the boat at tie on to the loops on the oposite side can be supplied.

Keel Band

Full lenght aluminium keel bands can be fitted to the stem and keel of the 15` and 16`. They offer protection right from just underneath the bow U bolt, down the length of the keel, then back up the upright rear part of the keel. There is no chance of the keel band being pulled off if the boat is dragged backwards. As an additional option, two further bands can be fitted to the small bilge keels also.

Stainless steel keel bands can also be supplied if requested.

Keel bands are a standard item on the 14` and 17`.

Hardwood re-inforced stems and keel along with extra thick GRP  is standard on all models


High quality, hand made pine oars can be supplied. We recommend 8`4″ for the 15`, and 9`4″ for the 16`

Square loom Douglas Fir commercial grade oars can be supplied either in a painted or varnished finish for the 14` and 17`


Coulamthole Oar Brackets

Designed and fabricated in house, the all stainless steel sleaves fit snugly over the oars and the thole pin is part of that bracket, so when removed from the boat it only leaves the socket, the pin stays on the oar. The advantages are they make rowing very easy for anyone, there is less pressure on the oar than with a convensional rowlock, there are no rowlocks to get ‘lost’, and when the oar has come to the end of its servicable life, the bracket can be fitted to a new oar.


Vinyl Stickers

Boat name, numbers and fishery names can be supplied in a variety of contrasting colours to give the boat a real professional look.


 All products can be delivered  on our own trailers or for larger orders by haulage contractors arranged by us.