Electric Motors

J.M.Coulam Boat Builders are currently developing new and innovative options for electric drives to their range of boats.

The benefits of electric are huge. Very cheap to run – around 30p per day to recharge the batteries overnight, no pollution, no end-of-year servicing, quiet and simple operation for the older fishermen, reliable, light weight, no handling or storage of petrol, the list goes on. Yes, there is a capital expenditure to make to buy the units initially, but technology is getting better and cheaper. Commercial grade batteries are now available that have 5, 8, or even 10 year usage.

Calculations show that you don’t have to replace whole fleets of petrol boats to make a difference. On a fleet of say 30, if 10 were electric, and were the first boats out each day, a saving of up to 70% could be achieved on running costs.

We can work out what size batteries you will need for general usage. We recommend you have at least 2 day’s worth of power in your batteries, so after day 1, if you have a power cut overnight, the boats can still be let out the following day as they will have at least 50% charge remaining in them. Most of these set ups will need only a 13 amp supply. The batteries are mainly stored in a purpose built box under the centre thwart or under the rear thwart on the 152 model. This means that the added weight does not affect the drifting and handling characteristics. Extra buoyancy is also added to take into consideration the extra weight.

The first option is for the small waters where there is no power supply to the water’s edge to charge the batteries. We can now offer the Torqeedo 503 or 1003 motors that has their own integral Lithium Manganese battery. It’s really simply and lightweight. The motor can be removed each evening for security purposes as the whole unit only weights 12 kgs. On larger waters, a spare battery can be offered to the angler, so when the first one goes flat, it can easily be changed for the new one. Each battery comes with its own charger, so they can all be charged overnight ready for the next day.

The next option, which is suited for both the Coualm15 and Coulam 16 is a Torqeedo cruise 2 motor. These have the facility of being kept on the boat with a suitable lock. These are heavy duty and can be used in conjuction with either gel batteries or the new Torqeedo Lithium power battery ( only 22kgs ) so can be removed from the boat for re-charging. We also have the facility of ‘de-rating’ these motors, so you can get much longer cruising ranges with only a slight reduction in top speed.

Torqeedo also have a 4kw motor available and will soon be bringing larger motors on to the market.

If you have a power supply on the pontoon or shore, an inboard or Pod drive can be offerred – please look at Coulam15 Aquapella page for more details.


Recommended packages

Coulam 15 small waters – Torqeedo 503 or 1003

Coulam 152 larger waters / coastal – Cruise 2 with Lithium Power battery

Coulam 16 – Cruise 2 0r 4 with large gel batteries or Lithium Power batteries