Coulam V29

Currently the largest of the V range of workboats, the 29 offers a 1750mm wide opening bow door and a total load capacity of 2500 kgs. It’s ideally suited for work boat applications such as passenger ferry, small vehicle / Argo / quadbike ferry, or general workboat. It’s huge floor area of 14 square metres enables goods to be carried safely and securely, particularly in remote locations where cranage is not available. The medium V hull offers a very safe and dry performance at any speed with predictable handling, whilst the wide bow sections offer excellent stability when at rest. The small keel provides grip for good slow speed maneuvering. The bow opening door can be lowered with the boat maneuvering at slow speed to enable access to slipways or pontoons, to carry out work at water level, or for casualty recovery.

The basic boat offers all the usual specification found in Coulam built workboats, and options include fully enclosed wheelhouse, various engine options both inboard and outboard, A frame for additional electronics, electric bow door winch, colour options, folding side bench seats, bespoke interior fit outs etc.

Engine options can provide top speeds of up to 50 knots. Single or twin outboards, diesel outdrive or all electric.

Lloyd’s approved materials are used throughout with full isopthalic gel coats and resin, marine grade plywood bonded floor, 316 stainless steel fixtures and deck fittings, oversized internal ribs and bearers,  D section rubber fender, and sacrificial wear strips around bow and door areas.

The V range of boats are designed by Andrew Wolstenholme, one of the UK’s leading marine architects and can offer flexibility in layout and fit out. The build is to the latest ISO requirements for the RCD, and can be built to Seafish regulations and can be coded for commercial use. Other models include V20, 8 person capacity, and a new V24 and V18 coming in 2018/9.

General Specification:-

  • Length 29’ (8.84m)
  • Width 9’9” (2.97m)
  • Weight 2250kg (boat only)
  • Weight 2760kg (boat with 2 x 200hp engines)
  • Bow opening door 1750mm wide
  • Deck area 5.7m x 2.5m
  • 12 plus 2 crew capacity
  • Heavy duty hand layed GRP hull with sealed underfloor buoyancy
  • Underfloor stainless steel fuel tank 440 litres
  • Raised helm position
  • Under water protection
  • Rubber D section around gunwale
  • Engines options from single 150hp to twin 200hp outboards, 190hp to 400hp inboard diesel