Coulam 15 Rower

More small waters are realising that people other than fly fishermen want to get out on to the water. The Coulam 15 Rower is based on the commercial 15′ hull, but is geared towards the hourly / day hire of a family. The front and rear thwarts are removed, the bow and stern buoyancy tanks are enlarged into the boat and lowered so they can be used as seats, the centre thwart is lowered slightly to give a safer rowing position. This gives the boat a large spacious feel safe for small children to explore and with mum or dad on the oars. The 15′ is easy to row even when full and with the added option of the Coulamthole oar brackets, even beginners will find the boat easy to row and handle. The anti-slip self draining floor into the bilge makes the boat easy to maintain and clean between shifts. All are fitted with the D section rubber gunwales and with the option of the GRP centre thwart, winter maintenance is reduced to a good clean.

Standard Features:

Heavy hand laid GRP hull with reinforced keel, stem and transom. Hardwood bonded in to hull in stem and keel areas.

D section rubber gunwale around the outside of the boat.

Enlarged buoyancy tanks into the boat lowered to give a safe comfortable seating areas bow and stern.

Hand operated bilge pump under centre thwart to remove water drained from the floor into the bilge.

GRP Centre thwart.

Buoyancy tanks fore, aft, and under floor to give the boat the ability to float when full of water with occupants on board.

Anti-slip coating on all floor areas.

Lloyds approved GRP materials throughout, marine grade plywood, stainless steel fixings.

Stainless steel U bolts, one in bow, two in stern for mooring and lifting of the boat.

Coulamtholes oar brackets and Stainless steel holders. 9′ Pine oars as standard.

Brass drain bungs, one to empty the bilge when the boat is out the water, one to check the integrity of the buoyancy tanks under the floor.

Standard colour – white hull and light grey interior. Many other colour options available or we can match you own colours on request.