Coulam 16 Defender

The mk3 version of this boat was launched in 2007 to compliment the range with the D section rubber gunwale in lieu of the timber gunwales. They are now the first choice of boat for the larger waters. Generally, any water over 2500 acres or with a large fetch or very exposed, then this is the boat to use. Although only 12″ (300mm) longer than the 15′, they are also 12″ (300mm) wider and have a greater freeboard. A heavier layup contributes to the 420kgs of solid construction to give many years of hard-labour use. Many smaller fisheries are opting to use the 16′ as part of their fleet as the ‘larger’ angler can be catered for more safely, and there is more deck space for the angler who insists on bring the kitchen sink. Users include some of the most prestigious fisheries in the country – Rutland Water, Loch Leven, Grafham Water, Loch Hope amongst others.

Standard Features:

Heavy hand laid GRP hull with reinforced keel, stem and transom. Hardwood bonded in to hull in stem and keel areas.

Aft thwart set forwards of the transom to allow the angler to sit astride, giving greater comfort whilst fishing and using the outboard motor controls

Hand operated bilge pump to remove water drained from the floor into the bilge.

Quality Sapele thwarts – 3 spaced to give each angler maximum use of space. Continuous buoyancy tank under centre thwart.

Buoyancy tanks fore, aft, under floor and under centre thwart to give the boat the ability to float when full of water with occupants on board.

No floor boards to snag your line on, but a tough anti-slip coating on all floor areas and bow buoyancy tank step. ‘Checker plate’ style solid GRP floor boards to cover through bilge areas.

Lloyds approved GRP materials throughout, marine grade plywood, stainless steel fixings.

Stainless steel U bolts, one in bow, two in stern for mooring and lifting of the boat.

Stainless steel transom plate lipped for secure mounting of outboard.

Rowlock holders and rowlocks as standard, or Coulamtholes as option.

Brass drain bungs, one to empty the bilge when the boat is out the water, one to check the integrity of the buoyancy tanks under the floor.

Standard colour – white hull and light grey interior. White to prevent osmosis, grey to cut down on glare.

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